Broward County Probate

Broward County is home to the 17th Judicial Circuit Court.

The Broward County Probate Division handles all matters relating to:

–  Determinations of incapacity for individuals over the age of 18

– Appointment of guardian advocates for developmentally disabled adults

– Estates (disposition without administration, summary administration and formal administration)

– Guardianships

– Trusts

– Mental Health (Baker Act)

– Substance Abuse (Marchman Act)

Here is some useful contact information for various Probate Judges in Broward County:

Hon. Peter M. Weinstein                       Hon. Charles Greene                    Hon. Mark Speiser

Division 60                                             Division 61                                  Division 62

J.A. Stacy McMenemey                         J.A. Anita Werking                     J.A. Lizette Marciniak

Phone: 954-831-5506                           Phone: 954-831-7700                 Phone: 954-831-7805

If you have a probate, trust or guardianship matter in Broward County, Florida contact experienced Broward County Probate Attorney Christopher P. Taylor today to discuss your case today. The initial consultation is always free.

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