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Broward County Probate

Broward County is home to the 17th Judicial Circuit Court. The Broward County Probate Division handles all matters relating to: -  Determinations of incapacity for individuals over the age of 18 - Appointment of guardian advocates for developmentally disabled adults - Estates (disposition without administration, summary administration and formal administration) - Guardianships - Trusts - Mental Health (Baker Act) - Substance Abuse (Marchman Act) Here is some useful contact information for various Probate Judges in Broward County: Hon. Kenneth Gillespie                       Hon. Charles Greene                  ...
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In Florida, testamentary capacity is necessary to execute a valid Last Will and Testament. Testamentary capacity is less than that required to establish other valid contracts such as a that required to execute loan documents or to purchase a home.

that burden is met by a showing that it is more probably than not that, at the time of execution of the will, the testator understood, in a general way, the nature and value of his property and his relations to those persons who would naturally have some claim to his estate....

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Financial Exploitation of the Elderly – What are the signs?

Many people may be aware of the growing problems involving financial exploitation of the elderly, but don't know when it's happening to them or a family member until it's too late. It's important to be aware, in matters of financial exploitation of the elderly, what are the signs? What are some of the common themes and signs to look for to determine if a member of your family is being exploited due to their age or other infirmity? According to Florida's Department of Elder Affairs, Florida's official...
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