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The Law Offices of Christopher P. Taylor, P.A. are located in the city of Delray Beach, FL. Attorney Christopher P. Taylor is the founding member and managing partner of this boutique law firm focused solely on Florida estate planning, probate, trust and guardianship matters. Mr. Taylor is an experienced Florida Wills, Trusts and Probate Attorney representing beneficiaries, heirs and fiduciaries involved in nearly all contested and uncontested Florida probate, trust and guardianship matters. Mr. Taylor has been involved in well over a hundred estate and trust-related disputes and understands the emotional and financial toll an estate litigation can have on a family after the death of a loved one. Mr. Taylor's extensive experience and understanding of Florida's Probate, Trust and Guardianship laws allow him to provide his clients with the direction, peace of mind and confidence they need to get through these often difficult times and cases. Mr. Taylor provides a free one-hour consultation to discuss your Florida probate, trust and guardianship concerns and to determine the most efficient and cost-effective strategy based upon your unique facts and circumstances.

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Florida Probate Attorney’s Fees

So a loved one has died and you’ve been advised that it’s now necessary to open a probate administration in Florida. One of the first things you will need to do is hire a Florida Probate Attorney to assist you. All Personal Representatives in Florida Probate cases, are required to have an attorney represent them in those proceedings. Unfortunately, experienced Florida Probate Attorneys aren’t free, so how do you determine what are reasonable Florida probate attorney's fees? Florida Staute 733.6171 sets forth the requirements for determining the compensation of an attorney for...
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Broward County Probate

Broward County is home to the 17th Judicial Circuit Court. The Broward County Probate Division handles all matters relating to: -  Determinations of incapacity for individuals over the age of 18 - Appointment of guardian advocates for developmentally disabled adults - Estates (disposition without administration, summary administration and formal administration) - Guardianships - Trusts - Mental Health (Baker Act) - Substance Abuse (Marchman Act) Here is some useful contact information for various Probate Judges in Broward County: Hon. Kenneth Gillespie                       Hon. Charles Greene                  ...
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