Delray Beach, FL is located in South Palm Beach County, and is home to the South Palm Beach County Courthouse’s Probate Division. The Fifteenth Judicial Circuit in Palm Beach County consists of five (5) Circuit Court Divisions and two (2) County Court Divisions pursuant to Local Rule #1. The Main Judicial Complex is located in downtown West Palm Beach, the North County Courthouse in Palm Beach Gardens, the South County Courthouse in Delray Beach, and the West County Courthouse in Belle Glade. Based upon the location of the parties or their counsels, the location of decedent’s death, and other factors determine where a particular probate case is filed or assigned. In Palm Beach County, probate cases are handled at either the Main Judicial Complex in downtown West Palm Beach, the North County Courthouse in Palm Beach Gardens, or the South County Courthouse in Delray Beach, FL.

While turnover of Judges in the probate division happens, many of our local probate Judges have been on the probate bench for years, as have many probate judges in the past. A Delray Beach Probate Attorney, regularly practicing in front of the local probate judges, have the benefit of being familiar with the local probate rules, procedures and internal systems, which in many ways are uniform from courthouse to courthouse. However, judges tend to have their own rules, policies, procedures and expectations, which if not followed could damage your case, at a minimum, your reputation for not following local rules.

Here is some useful contact information for the various probate judges and probate case managers in Palm Beach County Florida.

South County Courthouse Delray Beach

Hon. Charles Burton        Hon. Jessica Ticktin          Hon. Laura Laurie

Division IY                          Division IZ                         Division IX

J.A. Mary Beardsley          J.A. Manuela Morales       J.A. Sherrie Norton

Phone 561-330-1785         Phone 561-274-1420        Phone 561-274-1452

North County Courthouse Palm Beach Gardens

Hon. Karen Miller            Hon. Scott Suskauer        Hon. Dina Keever-Agrama

Division II                         Division IJ                         Division IH

J.A. Maryann Yarosz       J.A. Johnna Hochella        J.A. Kim Phillips

Phone 561-624-6687      Phone 561-624-6559       Phone 561-694-7420

Main Judicial Complex West Palm Beach

Hon. Maxine Cheesman       Hon. Renatha S. Francis       Hon. Sarah Willis

Division IB                            Division IC                               Division ID

J.A. Monique M. Harris        J.A. Demetria Stewart             J.A. Bridget Schloss

Phone 561-355-2768           Phone 561-355-3028               Phone 561-355-2595

Case Managers

Shirley Harris                    Susan Byrne                              Diane Kahn

Division IB, IC, ID              Division IB, IC, ID,IX, IY, IZ       Division IX,IY,IZ

Phone 561-355-3954        Phone 561-355-3314                Phone 561-274-1424

Debbian Livingstone

Division II, IH, IJ

Phone 561-624-6516

If you have a probate, trust or guardianship matter in Palm Beach County, contact Delray Beach Probate Attorney Christopher P. Taylor today for a free consultation. The Law Offices of Christopher P. Taylor, P.A. is located in Delray Beach, FL, directly across the street from the South Palm Beach County Courthouse, in Palm Beach County, Florida where Mr. Taylor has represented numerous clients before Palm Beach County’s probate division Judges in Delray Beach, West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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