Florida Probate & Trust Litigation


As if the death of a loved one and managing their post-death affairs isn’t difficult enough, adding litigation to the mix can become overwhelming, as well as both emotionally and financially draining. Many estate and trust administrations can be quite efficient and reasonable so long as there remains a mutual and consensual relationship between the beneficiaries, heirs and fiduciaries involved in the administration. Minor disputes and disagreements should often be resolved quickly and informally before ever reaching a level of full-blown litigation to avoid the significant time, fees and costs incurred in all probate and trust litigation cases.

Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, litigation becomes the only means of protecting and preserving one’s beneficial interests in an estate or trust as well as to preserve the dignity of the decedent’s estate plans and wishes.

Probate and Trust Litigation occurs in several forms, for several reasons and can involve many interested parties, including beneficiaries, heirs, surviving spouses, trustees, personal representatives, attorneys, creditors and other professionals involved in the administration of the Decedent’s estate and trust.

Mr. Taylor has represented numerous individuals and entities involved in nearly every common type of probate and trust litigation matter in cases located in nearly every major city in the State of Florida. While many of the laws and issues involved can be similar, the facts and circumstances of every case are unique, as are the rules and requirements expected by probate Judges across the State.

While probate and trust litigation can occur for several different reasons, most disputes involve parties contesting the form and content of various testamentary documents, such as will contests, trust reformations and termination; breach of duty and removal actions filed against fiduciaries, including trustees, personal representatives and their attorneys; determining surviving spouse’s entitlement to and the amount of the elective share; accounting and compensation issues; and exploitation of elderly claims against persons who benefit financially from a vulnerable adult which serves to frustrate the testamentary goals of the vulnerable adult.

The Law Offices of Christopher P. Taylor provide experienced counsel to clients involved in nearly all inheritance, probate and trust litigation matters, including but not limited to the following common types of probate and trust litigation matters:

If you have a question about a Florida probate or Florida trust litigation matter, contact an experienced Florida probate and trust litigation attorney at the Law Offices of Christopher P. Taylor, PA. today. The initial consultation is free and can be a valuable way to analyze your issue and the potential costs associated with litigation, or whether a resolution can be achieved to avoid same.